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The positive approach to personal safety

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In-Person or Virtual

Need help on your personal journey? Book a consultation, where together we’ll analyze your concerns and take a visual overview of your physical space. Get one-on-one support,  in person or via video chat from the privacy of your own home.  Whether we’re reviewing your home security measures or working towards safer behaviors, you’ll get expert advice that will help you sleep easier at night.

Pricing from $300

Lunch &
Learn Presentations

Pricing from $500

Concise information for busy professionals, 60-minute interactive presentations on relevant topics for the workplace and beyond.

Keynotes &

Keynote & general conference presentations for students, community volunteers, business & women’s organizations wanting to add value to their programs by offering a positive, proactive view on the topic of personal safety.

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Interactive workshops for students, community groups and professional organizations where safety may be a concern: organized volunteers; social work and community health professionals; real estate & sales teams; political groups; travel abroad programs, and any other groups seeking positive approaches to enhanced personal safety. 

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