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Get ur six for travel

Get Ur Six training addresses the wide spectrum of fears that travelers commonly face, from disasters to petty theft, and everything in between! Business and leisure travelers alike should want to know S.A.F.E. principles to positively enhance safety in hotels, at airports, using ride-shares, taxis and public transportation…from domestic cities to foreign lands, learn how you are your own best guide!  

Skip the high alert! Learn tools, techniques and technology that will give the term “safe travels” a whole new meaning!

A group of female students planned a summer trip through Europe.  Both the students and their parents shared concerns : medical emergencies, nightclub roofies, identity theft, social media safety and more.  During their travel workshop, Faith showed them a variety of tools & personal safety technologies, including FoneTrac, a smartphone app to support them through any type of emergency they might encounter.


Offering proactive strategies, GetUrSix helps you enjoy safe travels wherever you go.

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