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Employees who feel safe are more productive.  How safe does everyone feel in your workplace?

The workplace doesn’t have to be a scary place, but for some employees, it is.  Are there concerns about personal safety in your workplace?  In today’s world, events such as mass layoffs, workplace shootings and even random crime can raise anxieties.  Get Ur Six helps employees, managers and HR teams explore the multitude of ways they can help prevent violence and alleviate the fear that can crush productivity.  Why stop at security measures, which are only as good as the people who use them? Why not engage employees even more, offering them empowerment they can take wherever they go?  You’ll be amazed at how engaged employees can enhance your existing security measures!


GetUrSix shows HR professionals and business managers how to spot red flags…and more importantly, how to take proactive steps towards safer outcomes for your entire workforce!

An employee was experiencing violence at home, and her stress was impacting her work.

Her manager, concerned about the department’s metrics, gave the employee a negative review after several brief discussions about improving performance.

The employee’s habits and behaviors, all major red flags for someone experiencing family violence, went unnoticed until an HR professional (whose approval was needed for the negative review) recognized the signs after one of Faith’s presentations on domestic violence and its impact on the workplace.

The HR team successfully assisted the employee with safety planning, provided a referral for outside support, and ensured the workplace was a safe place for all while ensuring the employee’s privacy was maintained.

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