Get ur six

Focus on grades, not fear!

The presence of police and typical active shooter preparedness measures are often not enough to reassure students…or parents…when school safety is a concern. Get Ur Six training for students, parents and educators enhances campus safety using a mindful, preventive approach.  Get Ur Six gets you thinking beyond lockdown drills using guiding principles to support speaking up, communicating effectively, resolving conflict, recognizing healthy relationships and promoting positive, safe behaviors for students in any campus setting where true student safety is priority.


Think beyond the lockdown drills…prepare your students for the rest of their lives!

After a number of threats interrupted operations of a private school campus, a group of parents and staff remained afraid of an intruder entering their school. While the school had a variety of measures in place (security guards, access controls and detailed policy for active shooter and emergency response), the routine behaviors of parents, students and staff were detracting from the measures designed to keep the campus secure.  

Using the S.A.F.E. principles that are the foundation of Get Ur Six, they learned how to turn fear into action and empowerment, and how small behavioral changes can yield huge returns for school safety.


#GetUrSix takes preparedness to the next level, bringing school communities together to start effective conversations about prevention, empowerment and positivity!

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