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Get ur six

Is your home your castle, a place where you feel safe and protected at all times? Alarms and other home security measures are only as good as your training for those critical moments when you might need them.

Do you know what can do if someone breaks into your home…and how to react if the phone or panic alarm are not within your reach?  GetUrSix teaches you positive, proactive ways to navigate your options and optimize your safety at home.

Get Ur Six starts with prevention and takes you through your options using a positive, real-life approach.

A woman going through a divorce moved herself and her eight year old daughter into an apartment after experiencing family violence. Concerned about safety in her new home environment, she asked Faith for a virtual risk assessment.

Working together via FaceTime, she and Faith examined her new home room by room and discussed each of her fears and her options. From a review of her outdoor parking to the ways she could prevent her daughter from opening the front door unassisted, she was able to evaluate her home through Faith’s professionally-trained eyes.

She found it empowering to be presented with options, and she ultimately chose to follow the recommendations that helped her feel safest in her own home.


Get Ur Six elevates your personal safety game, taking stock of your existing security measures and empowering you to bring about your own best case scenarios!

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