prevention-based training 

by Kohler Consulting LLC 

What is

‘Get UR Six?’

Borrowed from law enforcement and military, “I’ve got your six” means “I’ve got your back.”

Security measures help, but they simply don’t fix fear! It’s time to change the conversation! Our training empowers you to understand and prevent risks using a positive, mindful and preventive approach.  We help you gain confidence in any setting, from the workplace to the streets, offering powerful insight into risk and harm prevention. We take you well beyond standard active shooter training and lockdown drills, which, while necessary in today’s world are purely reactive. Our targeted training fills the gaps between security and personal safety, offering employees, students and community members an array of tools, technology and preventive techniques.  Get Ur Six training will elevate your prevention game, teaching S.A.F.E.S.T. principles for work, life, school, travel and home.  


Are You Ready For Some Serious Power?

Because I’m going to teach you how to look out for yourself!

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